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At Furness Academy, we know that often the kitchen is the heart of the home. In our case, our dining hall is the heart of our school. A bustling and friendly space, students are able to catch up with friends and enjoy high quality food. We provide an abundance of choice for students who choose to have lunch with us and our effective queuing system means students are served in an efficient and timely manner. All this is supported by our excellent biometric payment system, where students pay for their meals using their thumbprint. We were proud to be the flagship school for this system many years ago, a system now adopted by most other local schools.

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We have also had a number of catering changes over the summer break, meaning students have more space to eat their lunch and we are able to provide them with a wider choice of food, catering for all appetites.

The picture below shows how our catering facilities now run:

If you have any questions about our catering, the food we provide, request for allergy and dietary information or further information regarding ParentPay, please contact Mrs Beach, Catering Manager on 01229 484270 or email jbeach@furnessacademy.co.uk

The Furness Academy Dining Services Mission Statement

Furness Academy aims to promote the health and wellbeing of all our students by preparing the finest quality school meals, which are within budget and compliant with nutritional legislation.


We are always interested in finding out more about where our food comes from. We aim to provide fresh tasting products all year round. We work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure that wherever possible we:

  • support local business;
  • minimise food miles; and
  • minimise harm to animals and the environment

Genetically Modified Food

Furness Academy do not use any genetically modified food or products in anything we produce.


Furness Academy is aware of the rising number of children with food allergies and intolerances. We endeavour each day to ensure that students that are unable to eat certain foods are still provided with a variety of choice for lunch. All our allergen information is displayed clearly within our dining facilities and our staff are highly knowledgeable about our food ingredients, so students need only ask.

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