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Governors, Members &Trustees

The Governing Body, is responsible for all decisions made within the Academy and will have a clear role in the on-going strategic development of the organisation.

Our Governing Body is chaired by Mr Tony Burbridge. His contact address is: BAE Systems, Bridge Rd, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 1AF


Local Governing Bodies are usually established by Multi Academy Trusts so that the Trust Board can delegate some governance functions to a local level.
Trustees have complete discretion over what is delegated to each Local Governing Body. Sometimes, when an individual Academy is performing well the Trust Board may delegate all governance functions to the associated Local Governing Body. Similarly the Trust Board may only delegate a few governance functions to the Local Governing Body of an Academy that needs greater support. Alternatively, some Trust Boards wish to retain all governance functions centrally and appoint advisory bodies at each Academy to advise the Board on their decisions.
The individuals who sit on a Local Governing Body are known as Governors. Trustees can also be Governors but not all Governors are Trustees.

Tony BurbridgeTrustee Governor and Chair of Governors
Simon LaheneyHeadteacher
Jackie ArnoldTrustee Governor
Gavin BenbowTrustee Governor
Adam HearndenTrustee Governor
Scott WilsonParent Governor
Jayne BeachSupport Staff Governor
Katie GalvaeyTeaching Staff Governor

Members (Akin to Shareholders)

The Members of an academy trust have a different status from the Trustees. The Trust Members are akin to shareholders in a company setting and are the representatives of the Sponsor Body. They are the subscribers to the Trust’s Memorandum and any other person(s) permitted to become Members under the Articles of Association.
Members like shareholders have limited powers regarding the day-to-day operation of the Trust but they are responsible for holding the Trustees to account. They meet formally once per year, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where they appoint the External Auditors for the forthcoming year and receive the Trust Accounts. Members can call additional formal meetings (Extraordinary General Meetings or EGMs) at any time in accordance with the Articles of Association. EGMs tend to be rare in occurrence but can be called to deal with Trust issues as required.

Tony JohnsBAE Systems Marine Limited
Tony BurbridgeBAE Systems Marine Limited
Jackie ArnoldBAE Systems Marine Limited
Craig BlandBAE Systems Marine Limited

Trustees (Akin to Directors)

The Trustees are appointed by the Trust’s Members and/or Sponsor. They are akin to Directors in a company setting. They are responsible under the Trust’s Articles of Association for controlling its management & administration and for ensuring that the Trust remains solvent, well run and delivers the Trust’s charitable outcomes.
As trustees of a charity the Trustees must comply with the statutory duties of directors under the Companies Act and the duties of charity trustees conferred by Charity Commission regulations.

The Trust Board's key responsibilities are:
1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
2. Holding the Executive Headteacher and Headteacher(s) to account for the educational performance of the Trust and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
3. Overseeing the financial performance of the Trust and making sure its money is well spent.

Tony BurbridgeMember Appointed Trustee
Jackie ArnoldMember Appointed Trustee
Gavin BenbowMember Appointed Trustee
David GrahamMember Appointed Trustee
Ted CreightonMember Appointed Trustee
Adam HearndenMember Appointed Trustee
Neil LauderdaleMember Appointed Trustee
VACANT Member Appointed Trustee
VACANT Member Appointed Trustee
Ian SmithMember Appointed Trustee
John SmithCo-opted Trustee
John ShieldsCo-opted Trustee
Anne BurnsCo-opted Trustee
VACANTCo-opted Trustee

Additional members can become a part of the Governing Body as agreed by the sponsors, and we are always open to suggestions.

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