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ScienceGirls Launch


ScienceGirls Launch

Last week, we held the ScienceGirls European Project launch here at Furness Academy. 24 visitors from across Europe joined us to plan out this two project, all about encouraging girls interest in the Sciences.In the UK, just under 15 per cent of science, tech, engineering and maths jobs are occupied by women.

Amy Dempster, marketing and events coordinator at the school, said: "It is about trying to encourage girls to carry on with their science work and not drop off, despite research suggesting they do better than boys."

In 2016, girls outperformed boys in STEM subjects at GCSE level, 71 per cent of girls achieved A-C grades compared to 62 per cent of boys.

Miss Dempster said the project at Furness Academy will try to understand why girls' interest in STEM subjects tails off as they reach the end of their education.

She said: "We're going to look at girls' perceptions towards science, and how they see themselves in the future to build confidence. We'll be looking at female role models in the real world.

"We're one of the worst countries in Europe at encouraging girls into science. It's our job as educators to encourage them into those areas."

Science Girls will partner Furness Academy with schools and colleges as far away as Spain and Romania.

Over the two-year programme, the schools will collaborate to find new ways to keep young girls studying STEM subjects.

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