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ELIOT Project- Blended Meeting in Rotterdam


The ELIOT project is also well underway and in March three students, Jacob Waters, Dylan Gunter and Kieron Lysons travelled with Mr Docker and Miss Dempster to the first blended project meeting held at Comenius College, Rotterdam.

After an initial flight delay, the team arrived at their “boat-tel” on Sunday evening, floating on one of the many Dutch canals. During the week, the students attended three days of workshops at Comenius College. The first workshop was Art, focusing on dreams, with students creating and painting their own stencils. Secondly, the Geography workshop looked at Mediterranean tourism. The final workshop of the week was the History workshop, led by Miss Dempster and looking at the Holocaust. All workshops had elements of performance and drama skills linking everything back to the aims of the project.

During the visit, the team also had the opportunity to spend a day in Amsterdam visiting Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gogh museum. On the final day, the whole group visited the political capital of The Netherlands, The Hague and saw the palace where the Royal Family lives, followed by an afternoon in the small town of Delft. The final evening was emotional as everyone said goodbye to their new colleagues and friends with swapped numbers and promises of keeping in touch.