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Wordsworth Competition- A Walk on the Wild Side


Every school in Cumbria was invited again to participate in the annual Wordsworth Poetry Award; this year’s theme: A Walk on the Wild Side.

Over 100 pupils from Furness Academy entered, as did many hundreds more from across the county. 

16 pupils from Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 were randomly chosen to attend the event, that was held at Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage in Rydal, near Ambleside.

Christopher Wordsworth (William Wordsworth’s great-great-great-great grandson) spoke very highly of last year’s overall winner (our very own Jacob Currie!) and showed us where the poem has been hung in Dove Cottage , with a picture of Jacob, for the thousands of visitors to read every year.

As the ceremony began, we were on tenterhooks hoping for another success….Amazingly, we were successful again and awarded two second prize highly commended poems, one by Jessica Kirby and one by Hannah Leece, both in Year 8.

Every pupil who entered was awarded a certificate, signed by Christopher Wordsworth, and the second prize winners won an anthology of writing by Dorothy Wordsworth, the sister of William.

A Walk on the Wild Side By Hannah Leece

Scurrying along the leafy ground,

By the red ripe berries she heard a sound.

Her dainty tail swished as her furry ears twitched,

What was coming?

A huge winged creature of biblical size,

Swooping and soaring over the trees up high.

Swerving and ducking, climbing and looking,

looking, looking,

There it was!

The perfect hiding place, under a willow tree,

Somewhere the hunter cannot see.

Frozen with fear and her little eyes peering,

Will she be caught?

The bird flies past, she’s safe for today,

Life’s hard for a mother of five and her babies depend on her staying alive.

It’s dangerous to take a walk on the wild side…

A Walk on the Wild Side by Jessica Kirby

The glamorous glistening green grass gleams,

The lake, blue like a sapphire as it sparkle and shimmers spreads light reflection beams.

Fish flitter and flutter flip and flap their fins look around

Tall tremendous trees tower over like Mother Nature, she is proud.

Fantastic flowers cover the glorious ground.

Mysterious mountains reach the cotton clouds.

There’s so much wildlife but my favourite is the birds.

They’re swiftly soaring in the wind that says a thousand words.

Their songs are music to my ears,

I stare at the view with a smile and also with tears,

As this wildlife stands still with no fears.

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