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Year 7 Dive into The Den


Year 7 have been studying Shakespeare’s England this term in their English lessons and have discovered all sorts of interesting things about the time in which our greatest playwright and poet lived. 

To round off this study, they were set a challenge to produce a magazine for time travellers who wanted to travel back in time to the Elizabethan era to see for themselves exactly what it was like to live in Shakespeare’s England.  The students worked in groups to produce their magazines making sure that they included information that a time traveller would need to know to enable them to fit in, things like: fashion, useful phrases, crime and punishment and entertainment.

Each class group performed their presentation to their class and an overall group from each teaching class was selected by the students to represent them in The Den.

The day of the final dawned and five groups of students were prepared and ready to face the dreaded and terrifying Dragons:  Mr Kelly, Miss Roseblade, Mrs Elliott and Miss Dempster; each an expert in their own field, they were keen to see the young presenters and hear what they had to say before grilling them on their idea.

One by one the groups filed in and presented their magazine to the Dragons, selling their idea as the one that should be selected to be displayed in the English corridor and used at Open Evening to promote the work on Shakespeare - there was also the remote hope of a chocolatey reward at celebration assembly too!

The Dragons watched, questioned and deliberated until they had agreed on their final decision.  Each group had an individual awarded for stand out performance in their presentation, an overall stand out performer was chosen and a final group award.  All of the Dragons agree that the standard was high; the students had performed very well under the pressure and they should all be incredibly proud of themselves.  Who knows, one day one of them may enter the real Dragons’ Den.

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