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Furness Academy Year 5 and 6 Open Evening - Wednesday 18th September, 6pm-8pm

Our Ethos & Values

At Furness Academy, we are proud of our place at the heart of the Barrow Community.

Our mantra is:

Building considerate, kind, confident and committed learners through high expectations and opportunities.

We believe that by working together we will give your child the best opportunity to become the best they can be. This is underpinned by our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Relationships. These core values are shown each day in the way we communicate with one another, how we teach our students and importantly, how we encourage our students in their learning.

We encourage all our students, staff and any visitors at Furness Academy to:

Have Respect for:

  • My learning and the rights of others to learn;
  • Each other: valuing different views, beliefs and cultures;
  • Our environment, resources and facilities;
  • The Academy rules and expectations;
  • Our community and present a positive image of Furness Academy.

Take Responsibility for:

  • Making good progress and being a successful learner;
  • Setting high standards of behaviour, appearance, attendance and achievement;
  • Being independent learners, taking initiative and supporting others;
  • Meeting life’s challenges with resilience and self-belief;
  • Making a positive contribution to the Academy community.

Develop Relationships which:   

  • Are positive and enthusiastic promoting effective learning;
  • Help you to know and value other people;
  • Embrace and support the Academy community;
  • Are built around taking the time to listen and understand;
  • Considers the wellbeing of others.

We believe it is important to support each child’s academic learning with opportunities to build up their own programme of enrichment activities to support their academic and personal development, based on their individual talents and interests.

At Furness Academy we understand the importance of working in partnership with parents/carers to ensure the best possible future for your child. A student’s academic progression is dependent upon support both at school, at home and the wider community. We enjoy successful partnerships with parents/carers, who encourage their child to follow our high standards of uniform and discipline.

Alongside this, our community is very important to us at Furness Academy. Whether this is our community within the school, our local community or the wider global community. Furness Academy has exceptional partnerships with many local businesses including BAE Systems, who each year provide our students with a variety of STEM opportunities and mentoring programmes, as well as schools and businesses across Europe at part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Our Vision

Through our core values and high expectations, we aim to provide students with the knowledge, skills and self-belief that will allow them to make a positive contribution to their community and build a strong future.

Our Mission

  • We will progress students character development through the support of self-esteem, self-belief and opportunities.
  • We will promote Furness Academy as a place for the whole community; locally, nationally and internationally.
  • We have high expectations of all at Furness Academy.
  • We will develop students into considerate, kind, confident and committed young people.
  • We will recognise and nurture all students to achieve and be the best they can be.
  • We will inspire students to build bright futures and prepare them to succeed in an ever-changing world

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